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Are you thinking of changing your charity’s structure?


If so, a checklist has been published to help you.

A charity can usually change its structure if its trustees decide that a new structure would better suit the way it plans to operate; for example, when an organisation decides to incorporate.Changing the structure of your charity is not something that should be done lightly and depending on what you and your fellow trustees want to do, the process can be complex. Therefore it is essential that you consider the options carefully and plan – being clear on the reasons for such a change, weighing up the benefits against any potential risks and looking at how those risks might be managed.

The Charity Commission will be releasing detailed guidance on this subject in the future, but in the meantime the Commission has produced a checklist to help support those trustees who are beginning to look at this issue or who are currently going through the process of changing their charity’s structure.

The checklist sets out what trustees should initially consider and runs through to what should be done about winding up the old charity once the new charity structure is registered. There is also some initial guidance that is already available on the Commission’s website (alongside the checklist) which considers how to change an unincorporated association or trust to a charitable company or CIO, plus some other types of conversion.