Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

Millennium Volunteer Award Update

MV accreditation


The Millennium Volunteer Award programme is still alive and kicking!

Young people aged 14 – 25 years can still receive certificates to recognise 50,100 and 200 hours of volunteering.

Young people can find thousands of volunteering opportunities at and by talking to Youth Volunteering Advisers at local volunteer centres.

However, whilst the award is still running, there have been some changes to how the scheme is run.

  1. Local Youth Volunteer Advisors and some Delivery Partners organisations are able to print certificates for young people
  2. It is a much quicker and slicker process to become a MV Delivery Partner, but, there is still a waiting list
  3. MVOnline (the MV section on the GwirVol website) is no longer accepting new volunteers or organisations
  4. We are introducing a new digital platform for volunteering in 2018 where   volunteers can log their hour and track their volunteering activities
  5. The future of the branding of a youth volunteer recognition scheme in Wales is under review. We will also be thinking about the name of the award, based on feedback from young people.

For now:
If you are already a Delivery Partner (registered after 2015) we will shortly be able to help you to print your own certificates. We are working with our team of Youth Volunteer Advisors to ensure they can help you deliver the award and print certificates for the young people. If you want to work towards this, get in touch with WCVA and we will let you know when we or your local Youth Volunteer Advisor will be able to support you to do this. You can contact us at

If you are a Delivery Partner (registered before 2015) or you would like to become a Delivery Partner

  1. Fill in an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form and send it to
  2. WCVA will contact you to arrange an EVALUATION VISIT…. or we may put you on a waiting list… but will keep you updated on when we are in a position to work with you.
  3. Once we have checked your project is able to deliver in line with the 9 MV Principles, you will be given access to the MV TOOLKIT and be ready to get started.