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Outdoor Learning Wales

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Outdoor Learning Wales (OLW) is a national network, facilitated by

Natural Resources Wales.

OLW aims to increase the understanding, appreciation and sustainable management of natural resources in relation to Wales by drawing expertise, knowledge and inspiration from a range of partners, leaders and educators.
The aim of this bulletin is to update our members in Wales on news, projects and initiatives related to sustainable management of natural resources (SMNR).
OLW Update:
The new OLW network group administration page is now available for use to help group officers with running meetings and providing the OLW coordinator and membership with information.
The Silva the Owl OLW characters and main logo are now available in this section and can be used by members, their settings and organisations on promotional materials and to demonstrate membership with this Wales-wide Outdoor Learning Network.
There are still a few documents to be uploaded but they are on their way.
Check it out at: support staff are planning to attend as many local meetings as possible to highlight how easy it is to access and use group network webpages for promotion, share information and save resources, locate funding information and forms including the large project fund online form on the website and where to find learning resources.
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