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Digital technology is for everyone!

RNIB Cymru

The RNIB Online Today team is offering free training to anyone working for a third sector organisation in Wales on how people with sight loss can get online.

Digital technology is for everyone!  That’s the message from the RNIB Online Today team to the wider world. All too often the team hears things like ‘People who cannot see, or see very much, can’t use a smart phone or a tablet’. But for five years now RNIB Cymru has had a dedicated team of staff training people with sight loss how to change their settings, use voice activated controls, and use some very amazing Apps.

Well now it is your turn! For six months from late January  the Online Today team is offering free training to anyone working for a third sector organisation in Wales.

There are three levels:

  • To start with, build your confidence and knowledge about smart technology and how people with sight loss can use it
  • At level 2 take part in some practical work and learn how to demonstrate these features
  • Finally, you can even get training to train others in digital technology for those with sight loss

The training is free, you just need to give your time, energy and commitment. RNIB Online Today will make the training available in as many places as possible across Wales, and you can choose Levels 1, 2 or 3.

To register your interest please ring Emma or Chris on 029 2082 8518 (Monday to Thursday) or e-mail and state:

1. How many people in your organisation would like to participate
2. Which levels of training you would like to receive
3. Any dates you would like to avoid

4. If you would be willing or able to hold the training at your offices or centre

Once all expressions of interest have been received, the Online Today team will let people know which training days are available and invite you to book a place.

If you own a smartphone or tablet please bring it to the training with you. If not there will be a few devices for people to use.

The training is FREE, thanks to the Big lottery.