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Webinar: Contracts, liabilities and GDPR

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Preparing you for GDPR #DesktopData

19 March 2018, 2pm – 3pm

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a 21st century approach to data protection, it aims to provide more protection for individuals and therefore more privacy obligations for organisations. Help protect privacy and avoid potential fines by signing up to our webinars and keeping your organisation up to speed.

Coming up – Contracts, liabilities and GDPR

If you use a third party (ieIT services/marketing) to process personal data on your behalf tune into our next webinar to learn more about how to ensure your contracts meet the new GDPR requirements.

In this session, we will help organisations to understand the wider contract requirements of the GDPR and the responsibilities that both you and your data processors have.

To sign up for a webinar please email to register your interest.