Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

How do we thank young people who volunteer?

Volunteers do what they do for lots of different reasons. Some volunteers want to change the world. Others may want to gain new experiences. Many volunteers want to learn new skills.

We asked volunteers what recognition they get for giving their time. Volunteers told us they get things like respect, awards, qualifications and sometimes publicity, like being in a newspaper.

WCVA then asked volunteers what they wanted as recognition for volunteering. Some volunteers told us they didn’t want anything they didn’t do it for recognition. Others valued the opportunities that volunteering opened up, such as training. While some wanted something that would help them get a job or into university, like an award or a reference.

The most important lesson we learnt is that volunteers are not all the same! They volunteer for different reasons and value different types of recognition. So here is a new list of the type of recognition volunteers can get for volunteering:

1.Through the NEW Volunteering Wales website volunteers can log their hours and receive achievement badges at 50,100, 200, 500 and 1000 hours of volunteering – get counting here.

2. National recognition through the WCVA Volunteer of the Year Awards – nominate a volunteer when the awards are open – visit the WCVA website to find out more click here.

3. Local recognition through your local County Voluntary Council – you can find your local CVC here

4. Young people (aged 10-20) in Wales can nominate themselves or be nominated to become an #iwill / #byddaf Ambassador for Wales –