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If you are a Welsh speaker and would like to develop your language skills and

at the same time encourage more people to use this beautiful language, then Mentrau Iaith Cymru have some great volunteering opportunities lined up for you.

We speak to Sian Davenport from Mentrau Iaith Cymru to find out more.

What does Mentrau Iaith Cymru do?
The aim of Mentrau Iaith is to promote and encourage the use of the Welsh language across Wales, primarily within a social context. Mentrau Iaith is managed by voluntary management committees and they operate in partnership with a variety of external organisations in order to increase the use of Welsh within communities in Wales. Over 1,000 volunteers are involved in 22 Mentrau Iaith across Wales.

Opportunities for young people
Bilingual volunteers are in high demand within the voluntary sector in Wales. That’s because service users and volunteers like to be able to communicate in their preferred language.

There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer with Mentrau Iaith:

●     Volunteer on the Local Menter Management Committee Board or establish a Youth Committee in your area through your local Menter Iaith. This is a great way to voice your opinions and share and discuss ideas regarding the types of events and provisions you’d like to see being offered in your locality, all with the continued support of the Mentrau.

●     Volunteer at one of the Mentrau’s many large festival events, a list of which can be found on Mentrau Iaith Cymru’s website.

●     Offer your time as a volunteer coach or trainer at one of the various Mentrau clubs, e.g: Sports, Youth Clubs, Drama etc. There are also numerous opportunities to gain qualifications through voluntary work with selected clubs.

●     Attend events for Welsh learners, to allow them the opportunity to communicate and socialise with Welsh speakers.

Gaining valuable skills
Volunteering with Mentrau Iaith equips you with skills which can be applied to your future career, alongside experience which will contribute toward qualifications and awards such as the Welsh Baccalaureate and Millennium Volunteers.

Further to this – as the Mentrau Iaith focuses on promoting the Welsh language in a social context – you can pick and choose volunteering activities that fit with your interests. It is an enjoyable and rewarding way to spend your time.

Charlotte H has been volunteering with Menter Iaith Môn as part of Bocsŵn, Theatr Ieuenctid Môn and ‘Mae dy Gymraeg di’n Grêt’.

She says, ‘Volunteering with Menter Iaith Môn was a truly eye opening experience as it enabled me to see the vast number of activities and events which are facilitated in order to promote and support the use of Welsh. I feel that the Menter Iaith truly makes a difference within the community, and I wanted to be a part of that exciting environment’.

‘By now, Menter Iaith Môn means a lot to me as it presented me with the opportunity to develop my communication skills, work as part of a team and improve my problem solving abilities. The Menter has allowed to me to do things which I enjoy, such as working with children, raise awareness of the importance of the Welsh language, communicate confidently with the general public and so much more.’

Taking the next step
It’s important to choose to volunteer for a cause which is important to you, and which you find rewarding to be involved with. There are plenty of opportunities out there for young people when it comes to volunteering.

Alternatively, if you already know what you’d be interested in but voluntary opportunities within that field are not readily available, be sure to check their website, send them an email or get in touch via a phone call in order to state your interest and eagerness to help… most of them will be grateful of the assistance!