Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

Charitable foundation seeks more applications from Wales

A major charitable foundation is urging small charities in Wales not to miss out on the chance to benefit from a year of leadership

coaching from a team of business mentors along with £6500 funding. The Garfield Weston Foundation launched the Weston Charity Awards in Wales two years ago and wants more charities to apply this year. No charity is too small to be considered. Selection is based on their readiness to work with a team of mentors on cracking their biggest challenges to put their charity on a sustainable footing long into the future.

The Awards celebrate and support great frontline charities working in the fields of community, welfare and youth. Run by the Garfield Weston Foundation with Pilotlight, who facilitate the coaching programme, charities with incomes under £5 million in Wales (including those with much smaller incomes) can apply from 2nd  December 2019 until 10th January 2020. Charities can get one step ahead by familiarising themselves with the relatively quick application form at .

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive of WCVA said:

‘We know that one of the key barriers to developing sustainable funding here in Wales is leaders having sufficient “thinking time”. It is essential to find time and space for leaders to explore solutions so it’s great that this support is available through the Weston Charity Awards. I really encourage charities in Wales to apply for this support – it is invaluable.’