Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

Preparing Bilingual Safety Signage

With the high street gradually re-opening many of us are thinking about returning to normality bit by bit. Everyone is doing their best to look after the safety of their staff and service users. In doing so, we need to remember that we live in a bilingual country where the Welsh language has legal status.

The Welsh language is prominent on our high streets, hospitals and public spaces. So, as organisations reopen, we need to ensure that any new safety signage is in line with the same high standards of bilingualism that are appreciated by service users and are required by funders. 

The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Hybu Team are here to help. Here is an excerpt from our guidance on bilingual design:


“Language separation is particularly important on signs, and consideration should be given to font, format, colour, size, clarity, prominence and quality. Certain signs could be designed to share titles which are common to both languages, and pictograms can sometimes be more effective than words, if appropriate.”

For some useful phrases please click here