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5 Charity Digital products you might not know about

We take a look at 5 exciting discounted products charities may not already know about that are available through the Charity Digital Exchange and product platform

The Charity Digital Exchange and product platform has a raft of useful digital tools available to support the operations and efficiency of the voluntary sector.


This gives eligible UK charities access to major technology companies’ donation programmes.


Many involve familiar names, such as offers for video conferencing tools like Zoom or cyber protection platforms offered by Avast.


But among more than 250 items listed on our product platform are a wealth of lesser-known, highly useful tools and resources.


Here we explore 5 gamechanging products that charities might not be using at the moment, but can be really useful to their operations and efficiency.


As the charity sector recovers from twin challenges of income loss through the COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand, accessing exciting digital products has never been more important.



Charities often need support in organising their fundraising, donations as well as event registration. This is where Enthuse can help through a range of products that are customised for each charity, to put them more in control of the data involved.


Through such products offered by Enthuse charities can build and develop their supporter base, look to raise more funds and focus on maximizing their impact.


So far more than 4,000 charities have been supported to raise more than £70m by Enthuse, which was launched in 2012.


Specific products include organising virtual events, including branded registrations and fundraising pages for activities such as virtual runs and quizzes.


Another offers help with corporate fundraising to set up co-branded fundraising and events pages involving matched funding. There is also support in community fundraising, to mobilise grassroots fundraising.


Donor Perfect

Small and growing charities need a helping hand in managing their donor relationships and fundraising. This is where a product in the Charity Digital Exchange like DonorPerfect Online steps in.


This software features an all-in-one database that stores information charities need for fundraising and reporting.


A one-year subscription to DonorPerfect Online has been made available through the Charity Digital Exchange for an unlimited number of uses with a maximum database of 500. This means it is perfect for small and emerging charities looking to grow.


Features include managing donors, prospect, members, volunteers as well as foundations, those who have attended events as well as corporate sponsors.


Gifts, pledges, in-kind donations as well as grants and sponsorship can also be tracked. The system also processes donations and onetime payments, monthly pledges and online payments are among those that can be collected through this software.



TechSoup Courses


Online training is a cost-effective way for charity leaders to ensure staff receive valuable professional development. This helps to boost the team’s productivity and keep them be engaged.


This is especially the case in recent months, with the Covid-19 crisis seeing more charity staff work remotely due to social distancing methods.


Among the training resources available through the Charity Digital product platform is TechSoup’s catalog of courses.


Some of its most popular course are pivoting to remote work, which has been especially designed for charities amid the current health crisis. This course looks at the necessary technology to getting a remote office up and running, how staff can collaborate and protect themselves from cybercrime threats.


Other courses in TechSoup’s catalog include supporting staff to use Microsoft’s suite of office support, including Outlook and Excel.


Email marketing, fundraising and getting the most out of Google AdWords are among other charity specific Techsoup courses on offer.


For charities many of the courses from TechSoup are available for Free.





Charities skills in story telling are becoming increasingly important amid the wealth of media platforms available. Creating engaging text and using video are among the skills needed. So too is creating engaging images, particularly infographics, that can simply tell powerful stories.


Piktochart is a handy infographics tool available in the Charity Digital product platform that has been developed for all abilities – professional designers and graphics rookies alike. Plus Piktochart is offering reductions for charities on its packages.


A variety of templates are on offer through its features, such as infographics, banners and reports. There is no complex design software either, which makes it an ideal simple tool to help charities tell their story visually.


Creating social media graphics is a particular specialism of this tool. According to Piktochart, posts with images get 37% higher engagement on Facebook and 150% more retweets on Twitter.


Using infographics is particularly important with data, which can appear dry. Displaying it in useful way to social media users can significantly boost its reach, which in turn benefits service users and helps to raise funds.






Among gamechanging product offers available is VideoScribe, by Sparkol. This uses a whiteboard animation programme to support charities to make cost-effective videos. Text, images and audio can be included in this product, which makes them appear as if they are being drawn on a whiteboard.


Drag and drop functionality helps ensure it is easy to use and it also offers charities access to a library of customisable images and music.


This product is used in more than 180 countries and can help charities tell their stories in an effective, eye-catching way.


VideoScribe also offers advice on choosing metrics for videos that are created to link back to objectives.


“For instance, if your objective is to drive 100 downloads of your product information then click-through rate (CTR) is going to be important to measure,” says VideoScribe.


Other metrics include measuring conversions, where someone has watched a video and then makes contact with the charity. Another is the play rate, which looks at the number of people who have seen a video and decided to click play.

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