Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations


Community and voluntary organisations need up to date advice on available grants and funding sources to start new projects or to keep existing services going. CAVO’s Support and Skills Team can provide free advice and information services, which include:
– Identifying potential funders
– Support in making funding applications
– Share best practices in monitoring and evaluation
– Assistance in appraising a need for a new project or service
– Developing funding strategies


Exploration Fund

We are investing £1 million in projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, batteries or WEEE through innovation or research in the UK

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No deal Brexit and EU funded projects


There would be no change in the existing arrangements for current EU funded projects.

All current aspects of managing projects would remain, including:

  • submission and payment of claims
  • verification checks
  • retention of relevant records

Projects will continue to use WEFO Online to submit and update information.

The UK government has guaranteed funding for all projects approved by December 2020. This includes:

  • European Structural Funds programmes
  • European Territorial Co-operation programmes
  • Ireland Wales programme
  • programmes managed by the European Commission

We will only draw on the UK Government guarantee for claims that are not paid by the European Commission. This situation may not happen. Until then the current arrangements stay in place.

The current deadline of 31 December 2023 for programme delivery remains unchanged.

Projects currently being developed

If you are working on potential projects, you should continue to develop your plans with us.

Projects approved and receiving funding

A Statutory Instrument has been laid in Parliament. This allows existing structural funds regulation to transfer into UK law.

Current EU funded projects will receive a revised grant offer letter. This will refer to the Statutory Instrument instead of existing regulations. The existing rights and obligations of all parties will remain unchanged.

Horizon 2020

The UK government guarantee also includes UK partners in approved Horizon 2020 projects.

If you are receiving funding, you should register your Horizon 2020 project before the UK exits the EU.

This will ensure your project will receive guarantee payments if needed.

What you can apply for after the UK leaves the EU

The funding guarantee extends beyond the date of leaving the EU. This means you can apply for Horizon 2020 programmes open to countries outside the EU.

What you cannot apply for after the UK leaves the EU

In the event of no deal, UK organisations would not be able to take part in some parts of the Horizon 2020 programmes which are only open to EU Member States.  These include:

  • European Research Council
  • some of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • the SME Instrument

European Territorial Co-operation and the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme

The UK government has guaranteed funding for UK organisations involved with these programmes.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal

If there is a no deal exit from the EU, UK organisations may not be able to take part in these programmes. If this happens, the UK Government will provide organisations affected, with further details.

Rules about sharing personal data between the EU and the UK

Following Brexit, the rules about sharing personal data between the EU and the UK will change. Find out more about how these changes will affect you or your organisation.



Active Inclusion Fund – new round live on MAP

The Eligibility Questionnaire for the new round of Active Inclusion Fund is now available and may be accessed through WCVA’s new Multipurpose Application Portal (MAP)

Using the new MAP service will make it easier for all groups to apply to Active Inclusion, so we’re encouraging anyone interested to look into it.

If you are already an  Approved Beneficiary, you will shortly be sent an email explaining how to log on to your existing details (so make sure to keep on eye on your junk folders, just in case). If you don’t hear from the team, please contact them at

Access the EQ at




Community Chest

Fancy £1500 towards your community sport project?

Community Chest offers grant awards up to £1,500 in any 12 months towards:

  • Increasing participation
  • Improving standards

Who can apply?

Any group that holds an account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account), in their organisation’s name. You’ll probably be one of the following:

  • Sports Club or Association
  • Youth Club
  • Community Group

Please note, you will need to submit evidence that your organisation holds a valid account in its name with your application form, as failure to do so may delay your application from being assessed.

Who cannot apply?

  • Primary / secondary schools arranging activities for their pupils
  • Individual members of the public
  • Local Authorities
  • Organisations whose proposed project has already started.

In addition the following activities / project elements cannot be funded:

  • Personal items of equipment or kit
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Medals, certificates and trophies
  • Sports tours
  • One-off events with no links to ongoing activities
  • Day-to-day running costs
  • Projects that have already started
  • Projects where the activity takes place outside of Wales
  • Insurance / League fees / affiliation / activities deemed part of the “core” business of the applicant
  • Physical activities such as gardening, DIY, environmental improvements, performance dance or circus skills
  • Maintenance, repair or replacement of current equipment or facilities (however consideration will be given to replace equipment that no longer complies with current legislation)
  • Memberships
  • Capital projects (projects that involve building or buying land)
  • Financial support for individuals

How to apply

Community Chest is run in partnership with the 22 Local Authorities in Wales.  To apply for a grant click on the “Apply Online” button on the right to access the Sport Wales Grants Portal, from there you can fill in the online Community Chest application form.  When you submit your application it will be automatically emailed to the Local Authority that you indicate your project is taking place in, on the ‘About the Project’ page of the application form.

Throughout the application form, if you require more information or guidance about a section or question, click on the nearest blue question mark   where some more information will be displayed.

When completing your application, please ensure you attach all requested documents, especially evidence of your organisation’s account (be it a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union account), so that the processing of your application is not delayed.
Following submission of your application form, you will be updated on its progress as it moves from stage to stage through the award process, via email.

Before applying, please read the 3 “Help” PDF documents, as they will give you an idea of what information is required as well as explain how to apply for a grant using the Sport Wales Grants Portal.

We have also developed a range of bilingual ‘How to’ videos to help you through your application process. These can be found on the Sport Wales YouTube channel. If after watching the videos you are still having issues then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Finally, to check if your current internet browser is one that is supported and capable of using our online Grant Application system, click here to check your browser’s compatibility.

Further help

If you’re not sure if Community Chest is for you, or you require any help with completing the form, please contact either the Sports Development Team at your Local Authority or your local County Voluntary Councils.

NB: Please note that Sport Wales are a distributor of National Lottery funding.