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Community and voluntary organisations need up to date advice on available grants and funding sources to start new projects or to keep existing services going. CAVO’s Support and Skills Team can provide free advice and information services, which include:
– Identifying potential funders
– Support in making funding applications
– Share best practices in monitoring and evaluation
– Assistance in appraising a need for a new project or service
– Developing funding strategies


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New Funding Search Platform for the Third Sector in Wales

New funding website launched by Third Sector Support Wales to help third sector organisations find funding.

Funding Wales is the new funding search platform for the third sector in Wales.  Developed by Third Sector Support Wales the site enables third sector organisations to search hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities from local, national and international sources.

Sustainable funding is critical to the work of third sector organisations and the ability to search and identify appropriate sources of funding is an important factor in achieving this.  Third Sector Support Wales decided to develop this platform to help the third sector in Wales attain sustainable funding more easily.

Funding Wales can help organisations in Wales find the funding they need more quickly than ever before.  The search facility helps users to quickly and effectively identify relevant sources of funding.  The site is free to use with a simple registration process, and allows organisations to search for funding by purpose, location and amount with further fields available to refine searches.  The site also allows users to save searches and print off reports.

‘We are delighted to be able to offer a user friendly and efficient platform to search for funding opportunities’ said Dewi Smith, WCVA Sustainable Funding Manager. ‘We recognise the importance of accessible information in relation to funding and hope that this site makes it easier for organisations in Wales to find the funding they need.’

In addition to searching for funding opportunities the site includes news items and case studies, as well as links to support, information and guidance which will ensure that organisations are equipped with all the tools needed to make good funding applications.

In order to have the best chance of securing funding, you should also contact your local CVC or WCVA who can provide dedicated support across a whole host of areas including, sustainable funding, good governance and volunteering.

To start searching hundreds of funding opportunities please visit


Budget 2018 Effects on the Third Sector

Gift Aid

The limit for small donations that do not require a gift aid declaration has been increased from £20 to £30 from 6 April 2019.

Gift Aid – Donor benefits

The rules regarding benefits provided to individual or corporate donors as a part of their charity membership are to be simplified from 6 April 2019.
•    For donations up to £100, the value of the benefit can equate to a total of 25% of the donation.
•    For donations over £100, the value of the benefit can equate to a total of 5% of the donation that exceeds £100 plus £25.  This is up to a maximum benefit value of £2,500 per tax year.

Gift Aid – Donated goods

Charities using the Retail Gift Aid Scheme where the goods raise less than £20 a year will only need to send letters to the donor every three years. This change should apply from April 2019


Community Asset Development Fund EQ now open

ERDF logo

The eligibility stage of the application process for the new Community Asset Development Fund (CADF) is now open on eTenderWales.

CADF supports social businesses that are aiming to bring an asset into community ownership – either by;

  • purchasing the asset
  • purchasing and renovating the asset
  • renovating an existing asset that is not in full use
  • equipping an asset 

The type of asset can vary from social/sports clubs, community halls, community hubs, community pubs etc. 

Successful applicants will need to demonstrate how the funded activity will create a positive shift in social impact as well as a positive shift in income generation. 

Alun Jones, head of Social Investment Cymru, said: “We believe this to be a very flexible and highly innovative approach to the funding of assets that will be utilised for the benefit of communities across Wales. The sharing of the risk as well as the sharing of the reward is a key part of the Social Investment Cymru approach, which we hope will lead to the growth of social businesses and enhance their impact. We are already having some interesting conversations and look forward to far more in the future” 

Further information regarding CADF can be found on our information page or for information on the application process please visit the CADF application guidance page

In the first instance applicants should contact Social Investment Cymru to discuss your investment idea, email:   Telephone: 0300 111 0124 

CADF is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Welsh Government, and is the next strand of investments administered by Social Investment Cymru.


The Bruce Wake Charitable Trust

The Trustees will consider grant applications related to the provision of leisure activities for the disabled.

They favour particularly applications whereby the potential beneficiaries meet one or all of the following criteria:

  • The potential beneficiaries are physically disabled wheelchair users
  • Improved access for wheelchair users is proposed
  • A sporting or leisure activity involving disabled wheelchair users is proposed

Trustees meet quarterly to consider grant applications.

Visit their website for further details:


Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust Arts and Environment Fund

MSCT are pleased to announce a one-off Grant Scheme called the Arts and Environment Grant Fund for amounts up to £5,000.

Engaging with organisations delivering Arts or Environmental projects in the community, funding is STRICTLY for capital, equipment and training, although some element of project delivery costs may be included. Salaries and Overheads will not be entertained.

There are no restrictions on applying to this round. If you have been successful in the past three years, the embargo on re-applying for three years does not apply. If you have been unsuccessful in the past year the embargo for not re-applying for a year does not apply.  

The closing date is 1st April 2019. For an application form and guidance please visit MSCT’s website at

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