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Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers in Wales – please stay safe in Alert level 4

The Deputy Minister and Chief Whip, Jane Hutt, today gave thanks to the brilliant, kind people from all backgrounds throughout Wales who are volunteering to help communities face lockdown together.

“Wales has a strong tradition of people helping one another out, and we’ve really seen this in action over the last year. From picking up the phone, to delivering supplies to people who are self-isolating, to helping our public services, volunteers and community groups have found lots of creative ways to help. By volunteering safety, this helps local communities, and takes pressure off the NHS.

I want to say thank you – you are fantastic.

If you’d like to volunteer or offer support, it’s important that you keep yourself and others safe. In particular, Welsh Government guidance is that you should avoid sharing a car with another person outside your household, even if you’re trying to help someone get to a vaccination appointment.

hat’s because it would be difficult to keep to the rules and maintain physical distancing. If you come within 2 metres of others, you should avoid physical contact, try to face away from other and keep the time you spend within 2 metres of others as short as possible.

Please follow the advice below, and stay safe.”

Ruth Marks, Chief Executive Officer of Wales Council for Voluntary Action, said:

“Volunteering efforts both formally and informally have made a huge difference to individuals and communities in Wales since the beginning of the pandemic. This type of support enables people to self-isolate where needed, and to stay connected. Now, with the infection rate at its highest, it has never been more important to ensure that support is carried out safely.

If you are able to support others, it is important to check guidance on how to do this safely. It is also worth considering the many ways to volunteer from your own home, for example by checking in on others by phone or video call to reduce isolation and loneliness.

To find out more on how to help others safely, and to register for volunteering opportunities, visit”

Ann Woods, Chief Officer of Flintshire Local Voluntary Council, said:

“The County Voluntary Council Network, working with WCVA, plays a massive role in linking support offered by volunteers to those who are in need of a helping hand. We are here to advise voluntary and community groups regarding their governance, their fundraising and their volunteer management practice.

In Flintshire we have provided training and support for many newly formed community groups who have helped with the Covid-19 response.

Our message is that all volunteers should follow the current Welsh government guidelines. Community groups/volunteers who have any questions about how to volunteer safely within their local community can contact their local Voluntary Council via Home – Third Sector Support Wales.”

View the press release on the Welsh Government Website.


Public Health Wales: Recruiting for a Research Project / Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru: Recriwtio ar gyfer Prosiect Ymchwil

On behalf of Public Health Wales they are looking for 2 Patient and Public Involvement members for a research project briefly outlined below:


Public Health Wales funded by the Health Foundation (Covid-19 research funding) is looking to recruit 2 Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) members of the steering group which would involve attending three (remote/virtual) meetings across the 12 month period (first one in January, second in June/July and last one in December), and it would be in an advisory capacity. This research project is a partnership between Public Health Wales WCVA, What Works Wellbeing and the University of Bristol to understand the role of community-led action as a protective factor against widening health inequalities during, and in recovery from COVID-19.


In particular the two PPI  members would:

Add their input and insights to help shape the work going forward and sense-check it.

Have a regular opportunity to coproduce input in each step of the research cycle – from design to dissemination.

Help to actively coproduce the research methods that we will use, by offering insights into what is actually happening on the ground.

Inclusion criteria:

– Aged 18 years or above.

– Living and/or working in Wales.

– Basic IT skills.

– Experience in using Microsoft Teams basic features (or Zoom / Skype if needed).

– Grassroots volunteer; informal or formal volunteer; worker in the third sector; general member of the public.


Each meeting will last approximately 2.5 hours, plus approximately an extra 30 min to read the agenda/briefing information before each meeting.

Therefore, the two PPI will be asked to commit to a total of 9 to 10 hours over the 12 months. There is there opportunity for some remuneration, within the research budget.


Please contact Chiara Tuveri at Public Health Wales for further information



Ar ran Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru, maen nhw’n chwilio am ddau aelod Ymgysylltu â Chleifion a’r Cyhoedd ar gyfer prosiect ymchwil a amlinellir yn gryno isod:


Mae Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru, a gyllidir gan y Sefydliad Iechyd (cyllid ymchwil Covid-19) yn dymuno recriwtio dau aelod Ymgysylltu â Chleifion a’r Cyhoedd (PPI) ar gyfer grŵp llywio. Byddai hyn yn cynnwys mynychu tri chyfarfod (o bell/rhithwir) dros gyfnod o 12 mis (yr un gyntaf ym mis Ionawr, yr ail ym mis Mehefin/Gorffennaf a’r un olaf ym mis Rhagfyr), a byddai mewn cymhwyster ymgynghorol. Mae’r prosiect ymchwil hwn yn bartneriaeth rhwng Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru, CGGC, ‘What Works Wellbeing’ a Phrifysgol Bryste i ddeall rôl gweithredu dan arweiniad y gymuned fel ffactor amddiffynnol yn erbyn anghydraddoldebau iechyd sy’n cynyddu yn ystod, ac wrth adfer o COVID-19.


Yn benodol, byddai’r ddau aelod PPI yn:

Ychwanegu eu mewnbwn a’u mewnwelediadau er mwyn helpu i lywio’r gwaith wrth fynd ymlaen a gwirio ei fod yn gwneud synnwyr.

Cael cyfle rheolaidd i gyd-gynhyrchu mewnbwn ar bob cam o’r gylchred ymchwil – o’r dylunio i’r dosbarthu.

Helpu i fynd ati i gyd-gynhyrchu’r dulliau ymchwilio y byddwn ni’n eu defnyddio, drwy gynnig mewnwelediadau i’r hyn sy’n digwydd mewn gwirionedd ar lawr gwlad.

Meini prawf cynnwys:

– 18 oed a hŷn.

– Byw a/neu’n gweithio yng Nghymru.

– Sgiliau TG sylfaenol.

– Profiad o ddefnyddio nodweddion sylfaenol Microsoft Teams (neu Zoom / Skype os oes angen).

– Gwirfoddolwr llawr gwlad; gwirfoddolwr anffurfiol neu ffurfiol; gweithiwr o’r trydydd sector; aelod o’r cyhoedd.


Bydd pob cyfarfod yn para tua 2.5 awr, ynghyd ag oddeutu 30 munud ychwanegol i ddarllen yr agenda/gwybodaeth briffio cyn pob cyfarfod.

Felly, bydd gofyn i’r ddau aelod PPI ymrwymo cyfanswm o 9 i 10 awr dros gyfnod o 12 mis. Mae cyfle am rywfaint o daliad cydnabyddiaeth o fewn cyllideb y gwaith ymchwil.


Cysylltwch â Chiara Tuveri yn Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru am ragor o wybodaeth


Covid-19 Guidance for Communities in Ceredigion

Ceredigion County Council and CAVO (Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations) are working together to provide guidance for communities who want to come together during this time. This article offers examples of resources that can be used by community groups should they wish to do so.

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Small Grant Scheme to Support Community Action in Ceredigion

A small grant of up to £2000 for new or existing community organisations in Ceredigion that build community capacity and resilience to support the  response to the Covid-19 outbreak.  For example, to build up a local pool of volunteers to support the extremely vulnerable , support services, digital inclusion initiatives. This grant is supported by Caring Communities Innovation Scheme and Comic Relief Covid-19 Voluntary Services Emergency Funding. Continue reading