Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations



Supporting volunteering in Ceredigion

CAVO Volunteer Centre supports voluntary work in Ceredigion. Through working closely with organisations throughout the county we are able to provide a service to individuals, who are interested in volunteering, and to organisations, who involve volunteers in their work.

The Centre’s aim is to encourage the use of volunteers and to raise standards for volunteers, service providers and service users. The service is available to all voluntary organisations in Ceredigion that register with the Centre and work towards best practice. We help organisations to develop policies, and provide information about all issues relating to the management of volunteers.

Help for voluntary and community organisations

Voluntary and community organisations register with the Centre and inform us of their current volunteering opportunities. These are then matched to potential volunteers, who are also taken through a registration process to find out what their interests and skills are.

Help for volunteers

We have over 200 organisation registered that are looking for volunteers. The opportunities cover a whole range of activities. So whatever you’re interested in, wherever you live, whatever your skills, please contact us and let us help you. We hold regular outreach and volunteering events around Ceredigion to enable volunteers to discuss their interest and see the variety of opportunities available.

We also display details of all our current volunteering opportunities on the Volunteering Wales website

Please contact us –

To complete a volunteer registration form please click here.
To complete a volunteer registration form in Welsh please click here.

Facebook link – CAVO Volunteer Centre

Twitter link – @CAVOCeredigion

Recipes for a successful Volunteers’ Week

Are you tired of doing the same old thing for Volunteers’ Week? How many ways can there be to recognise and saying thank you to volunteers, you may ask. The answer is – very many different ways.

A new publication on the WCVA website will give you fresh ideas. based on the stories of what other organisations have previously done for Volunteers’ Week.

In the format of a series of recipe cards ‘Recipes for a successful Volunteers’ Week’ describes what was done, for what purpose, with what result and how costs were kept down.  There are even suggestions as to ‘what we would do differently next time’, since we all can learn from experience.

Recipes for a successful Volunteers’ Week can be downloaded here, free of charge.

This year’s theme for Volunteers’ Week is Volunteering for all.  The ideas in this collection might help you to reach different target audiences in different ways.

We will be pleased to hear from you if you try out any of these ideas yourself and to know how they went. If you have similar stories to share, we will be glad to publicise them too, in time to inspire others for for Volunteers’ Week 2019!

Our Volunteers’ Week page includes a number of useful resources to support the Week, including, the Logo, Volunteers’ Week certificates, and a poster template.