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CAB Ceredigion Investing in Volunteers


Investing in Volunteers

CAB Ceredigion recognises that, throughout the organisation, volunteering is a two-way process which benefits volunteers and the organisation. We commit appropriate resources to working with volunteers and are open to involving volunteers who reflect the diversity of the local community.

The organisation develops appropriate roles for volunteers in line with its aims and objectives, and which are of value to the volunteers and create an environment where they can develop.

The organisation is committed to using fair, efficient and consistent recruitment procedures for all potential volunteers.

  1. The organisation takes a considered approach to taking up references and official checks which is consistent and equitable for all volunteers, bearing in mind the nature of the work.
  2. Clear procedures are put into action for introducing new volunteers to the organisation, its work, policies, practices and relevant personnel.
  3. Everybody in the organisation is aware of the need to give volunteers recognition.
  4. The organisation takes account of the varying support needs of volunteers.

Why did CAB Ceredigion get involved with Investing in Volunteers? We did it for the following reasons. To –

  • Improve the effectiveness of our work with volunteers in a structured way (and hence maintain or improve the service to users and / or supporters).
  • Compare volunteer practices against a recognised standard.
  • Increase support from people within the organisation for the volunteer programme.
  • Encourage more people to volunteer – people will feel more encouraged to volunteer for an organisation that strives towards managing volunteers well.
  • Sustain existing volunteers’ motivation and enhance their experience of volunteering.
  • Enhance the organisation’s reputation in the local community.
  • Reassure funders that the organisation is professional and that their money is being well spent.
  • Draw to attention to the need for more effective volunteer management.
  • Minimise any potential risks arising from the involvement of volunteers – to volunteers themselves, and / or to the organisation and its users / supporters.
  • Achieve the Investing in Volunteers Standard which allows an organisation to publicly demonstrate its commitment to volunteering.

Investing in Volunteers

  Investing In Volunteers            Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for volunteer management. If your organisation involves volunteers, achieving the Investing in Volunteers standard will enable it to make the best use of your valuable people resource. Continue reading