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Trauma Teddies and Twiddle Mitts

Trauma Teddies and Twiddle Mitts are now being given out to patients of all ages in distress when accessing Ambulance services. If you are a keen knitter or part of a knitting group (particularly in West or North Wales) and you want to know more about how to get involved in the project ring us on 01792 311773 or email Continue reading


Hywel Dda Community Health Council Reports

The CHC represent independently and without bias the interests of patients and the public in the way that NHS services are planned and provided across the counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

Please help by sharing your NHS experiences with us (good or bad!). Continue reading


Get ready to support Screening for Life 2019

July is fast approaching and once again Screening Division, Public Health Wales will be running its annual Screening for Life campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the NHS screening programmes in Wales. This year’s focus is to raise awareness of screening for people invited to take part for the first time.
You can support the campaign by setting up screening events or carrying out screening activities in your community. We have developed a practical Screening for life resource pack to give you ideas and resources to raise awareness of screening.
We also have a social media campaign on Facebook/Screening for Life and Twitter @PublicHealthW. Show your support by following the links, liking our page and sharing our posts.
For further information and support contact your local Screening Engagement Team
We welcome phone calls in Welsh
Joanne Mizen: 01792 453143


Mental Health at Work

If you’re in the voluntary sector are concerned about the mental health of staff, volunteers or their line managers, we’ve collected together some key resources that should get you started. For more information please click here


Volunteer story:Change Step

Hi. My name is Jason and I am a veteran from Wrexham, North Wales. I served with the Royal Army Medical Corps and saw action in the first Gulf War. Due to this action I went on to suffer from PTSD. For years I struggled to get help and I used to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. My life was going nowhere and I went from job to job not caring about anything. That all changed when I was introduced to Change Step.


Change Step is a peer mentoring service for military veterans who suffer with PTSD. The mentors are all veterans themselves and to me this is the reason why Change Step works so well.

I have been volunteering with Change Step now for 12 months and the change in me is amazing. The work they do is second to none in my opinion and I don’t know what I would be doing now without them.


The Change Step peer mentors can help with signposting to different agencies and services, such as counselling, benefit agencies and substance misuse services. They can also find and offer training courses suitable to the individual. On top of that, they are there to offer support in any way they can. The mentors themselves have been through similar experiences to me  –  it was so easy to relate and get along with them, as you felt that they knew exactly what you had been through, and that they had come through the other end.

Change Step often organises volunteer events in the local community. In the past we have helped tidy-up war memorials for Remembrance Sunday. This gave me an immense sense of pride and it was a good feeling doing something for the community. This year we are aiming to tidy-up 700 of the 2,000 war graves across North Wales. Again, this gives me and the other volunteers a great sense of pride. We have also worked alongside the Costal Rangers tidying up coastal paths, planting trees and clearing overgrown areas. These volunteer days not only benefit the community, but they are also good fun. The volunteering is therapeutic and working as a team is really good for people’s morale. I have seen great changes in veterans who join Change Step, even after just a few weeks with us, and these volunteer days fill them with a sense of pride and raise their self-esteem. For some of them, it’s the first time they will have socialised with others for a long time.

Twelve months ago I had no lust for life, no goals and no real interest in myself. I didn’t socialise and did not like going out in public because of my PTSD . The counselling they offered was superb and I can now leave the house without the feelings I used to get. Since being part of Change Step I have been on numerous courses, countless volunteer days and I, and others around me, have noticed a great change in me. This change would not have happened if it wasn’t for Change Step and I am so grateful.