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Free Health and Well Being Sessions / Courses

Courses are free to patients and run in the local community.

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The Health and Well-being courses are developed by Healthcare Professionals and patients living with long term health conditions, demonstrating a high level of proactive self-management. Peer led facilitation makes these courses highly effective with significant evidence of behaviour change. Evaluation shows that participants’ leave with the confidence to manage their health and well-being whilst living with health challenges. The service enables patients to live their life to the full.

The courses range from 45 minutes to an 8 week course once a week in community locations.  Sessions are facilitated by two trained people who have experience of living with a long term condition or who are affected by caring for someone.

Courses cover a range of topics- From healthy eating, pacing and activity levels , managing low mood , solving day to day problems, making decisions , planning for the future, body image, and much more.

Patients can call into the service on 01554-899035 or be referred

There are lots of new and exciting sessions and courses on offer such as

  • the new Introduction to Pain Management
  • Cancer Thriving and Surviving
  • Diabetes Self Management Programme
  • Healthy Footsteps for all routine referrals to podiatry.

We can work directly with GP practices or organisations to offer our courses for your organisation /patients –alternatively we can come along and talk about the 12 health and well being sessions /courses we offer.

For more information on the courses we have to offer please contact us on: 01554 899035 or email

Cancer Thriving and Surviving CeredigionThe Hub Penparcau AberystwythTuesday 12th Feb – 19th Mar10am – 12.30pm
Diabetes Self Management ProgrammeAberaeron leisure centreMon 18th Feb – 25th March10am  -12.30pm
Healthy Footsteps CardiganOur lady of the taper5th March10am – 12.30pm

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Macmillan’s Self Management Programme HOPE in Wales, January – June 2019

Do you have a cancer diagnosis? Are you interested in attending our self management programme HOPE? Do you know someone who would benefit from attending? Do you want to attend in a location or date not listed below?

Macmillan is offering HOPE to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis in Wales. In 2019 we hope to visit new towns and venues. The programme has received really positive feedback from those who have attended. Our HOPE programme will help you set positive goals for your future and give you a chance to share your experiences and reflect on living with cancer in a supportive environment.   

Each day is 10am- 4.15pm and includes lunch and refreshments. The follow up is 6-8 weeks afterwards. This session will run from 11am- 3pm with a light lunch included. Please find below information about programmes planned for 2019.

Start Month, Day & Times Dates Venue
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Fri 18 & Fri 25 January Follow-up: Fri 8 March Cardiff YMCA Plas
10am- 4.15pm
Tues 22 & Tues 29 January Follow-up: Tues 12 March Bridgend Innovation Centre
10am- 4.15pm
11am- 3pm
Tues 5 & Tues 12 February Follow-up: Tues 19 March Cardigan Small World Theatre
10am- 4.15pm
11am- 3pm
Thurs 14 & Thurs 21 February Follow-up: Thurs 4 April Newport Venue TBC
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Tues 19 & Tues 26 March Follow-up: Tues 14 May Neath/Port Talbot Venue TBC
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Thurs 14 & Thurs 21 March Follow-up: Thurs 2 May Cardiff Chapter
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Fri 15 & Fri 22 March Follow-up: Fri 3 May Llandrindod Wells Bracken Trust
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Tues 2 & Tues 9 April Follow-up: Tues 7 May Aberystwyth Venue TBC
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Thurs 4 & Thurs 11 April Follow-up: Thurs 23 May Wrexham Venue TBC
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm Wed 29 & Thurs 30 May Follow-up: Wed 10 July Haverfordwest Venue TBC
10am -4.15pm 11am-3pm May – dates to be confirmed Cardiff Venue TBC
10.00am – 4.15pm 11am – 3pm Tues 4 & Tues 11 June Follow-up: Tues 2 July Cardiff Chapter
10.00am – 4.15pm 11am – 3pm Tues 4 & Tues 11 June Follow-up: Tues 9 July Carmarthen Venue TBC

If you would like to reserve a place or have any questions regarding the programme please contact the Learning and Development team in Wales on: 01656 867960.

Alternatively you can email: L&D Team Administrator:


Volunteer story:Change Step

Hi. My name is Jason and I am a veteran from Wrexham, North Wales. I served with the Royal Army Medical Corps and saw action in the first Gulf War. Due to this action I went on to suffer from PTSD. For years I struggled to get help and I used to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. My life was going nowhere and I went from job to job not caring about anything. That all changed when I was introduced to Change Step.


Change Step is a peer mentoring service for military veterans who suffer with PTSD. The mentors are all veterans themselves and to me this is the reason why Change Step works so well.

I have been volunteering with Change Step now for 12 months and the change in me is amazing. The work they do is second to none in my opinion and I don’t know what I would be doing now without them.


The Change Step peer mentors can help with signposting to different agencies and services, such as counselling, benefit agencies and substance misuse services. They can also find and offer training courses suitable to the individual. On top of that, they are there to offer support in any way they can. The mentors themselves have been through similar experiences to me  –  it was so easy to relate and get along with them, as you felt that they knew exactly what you had been through, and that they had come through the other end.

Change Step often organises volunteer events in the local community. In the past we have helped tidy-up war memorials for Remembrance Sunday. This gave me an immense sense of pride and it was a good feeling doing something for the community. This year we are aiming to tidy-up 700 of the 2,000 war graves across North Wales. Again, this gives me and the other volunteers a great sense of pride. We have also worked alongside the Costal Rangers tidying up coastal paths, planting trees and clearing overgrown areas. These volunteer days not only benefit the community, but they are also good fun. The volunteering is therapeutic and working as a team is really good for people’s morale. I have seen great changes in veterans who join Change Step, even after just a few weeks with us, and these volunteer days fill them with a sense of pride and raise their self-esteem. For some of them, it’s the first time they will have socialised with others for a long time.

Twelve months ago I had no lust for life, no goals and no real interest in myself. I didn’t socialise and did not like going out in public because of my PTSD . The counselling they offered was superb and I can now leave the house without the feelings I used to get. Since being part of Change Step I have been on numerous courses, countless volunteer days and I, and others around me, have noticed a great change in me. This change would not have happened if it wasn’t for Change Step and I am so grateful.