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Blended Learning Courses AUGUST 2020

Blended Learning Courses
South West & Mid Region
 Referrals can be made to either course per day and to as many courses needed or preferred by the learners/support workers/Job Coaches.
 In order to contact the learners we will need their full names and a tele-phone number to call them.
 Learners’ contact details to be emailed to:

 The tutor will sort out the support and the enrolment onto the course.
 We will provide a confirmation of attendance per learner to share with you.

The courses proposed in this Prospectus are tutor led. Tutors are able to run the sessions through different online platforms including Microsoft Teams, Skype and Vscene. Phone calls will be available (if necessary) during each scheduled session to make sure that the learners are supported at all times as well as to help them to log onto the online platforms.


Blended Learning Courses
Tutor: Tracey Hickman
Morning Sessions 10:30 – 13:00
Afternoon Sessions 14:00 – 16:30


These courses are FREE and provided by Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales. For information about further courses please contact : Cecilia Forsythe Mobile: 07931 204 617


Help for organisations

Community Transport

Community Transport is a term used to describe a service, or network of services, that can provide essential journeys for those who have difficulty accessing transport. This may be due to mobility issues or through a lack, or limited availability, of transport operating in certain areas, i.e. rural localities.


Community and voluntary organisations need up to date advice on available grants and funding sources to start new projects or to keep existing services going.  CAVO Development Team can provide a free advice and information services, which include:

  • Identifying potential founders
  • Support in making funding applications
  • Share best practices in monitoring and evaluation
  • Assistance in appraising a need for a new project or service
  • Developing funding strategies


Good governance is good management.  in order to manage an organisation well you need to follow good governance, this does not need to be daunting.  CAVO Development Team can offer support to new or established organizations in Ceredigion to make sure that your initiative is a success by:

  • Conducting a governance health check
  • Provide model policies
  • Make the connections with other people or organisations and learn from their experiences
  • Put you in touch with other support agencies who may be able to provide additional support.

Social Enterprise

Becoming more financially sustainable, by generating your own income through increased trading or contractual work and less dependent on grant funding is crucial for community and voluntary organisations. Under the Enterprising Communities project CAVO can provide practical support to third sector organisations in Ceredigion, which induces:

  • Organisational structures and management
  • Implementing quality assurance systems
  • Help to identify new ways of generating income
  • Provide case studies on social enterprises in Ceredigion


Continuance development of your skills and knowledge is importance if you new to or been involved in the third sector for many years in order to ensure the growth of the sector in Ceredigion.  CAVO can offer:

  • A programme of training,
  • Bespoke training,
  • Help to identify appropriate training provided by other support agencies in our region.