The Burns Price Foundation has launched an initiative to give access to £100 starter grants to young people aged 11-19 to work on STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math) related projects that help them gain new skills and also create a positive benefit to their community.

The Change-Makers Initiative grant scheme is giving £100 in mini-grants to young people who can then claim up to £5000 in grants later on.

Visit the website for more info:

Here is the application form: . For support during the application process contact

Here is the story of our very first Change-Maker

To give you an example of the sort of projects young people can apply for:

  • inviting scientists to talk to young people about their research
  • partnering with companies offering digital work experience opportunities to young people
  • creating an art show featuring engineers and their journey into their field
  • organizing a science fair with your school
  • starting an after school math club

For more information contact