The ‘Dewis’ Youth Panel, coordinated by Ceredigion Youth Service, is a panel of local young people who are responsible for choosing which young people and youth projects in Ceredigion receive financial support by allocating the Ceredigion Young People’s Bursary and Youth Led Grant.

During the last few years, the ‘Dewis’ Youth Panel has agreed to fund a number of local young people and youth projects. Funding that has helped individual young people reach their personal goals and also ensured that they are able to take part in worthwhile local volunteering activities.

The youth panel, are now seeking new members to sit on the panel. If you are between 14 – 16 years old living in Ceredigion, this opportunity may be of interest to you. This year, the youth panel programme will include a day of fun activities during the Easter holiday and meetings that will ensure that members will develop new skills and an opportunity to meet new friends.

Ashlie Day, a former ‘Dewis’ Youth Panel member and now a qualified and sessional Youth Worker for the Youth Work and Engagement team said, “Being a member of the ‘Dewis’ youth panel gave me the opportunity to voice my opinions and also, help other young people. The youth panel allowed me to have my say which helped me gain better confidence and communication skills. This experience helped me to gain a better understanding of the challenges that young people face and also, to celebrate their successes.”

Gwion Bowen, Children and Young People Participation Officer, Ceredigion Youth Service, said, “Being a member of the ‘Dewis’ Youth Panel is an excellent opportunity for young people to develop new skills such as decision making, public speaking and learn how to help the community. We are extremely grateful to West Wales Holiday Cottages and Ceredigion Association of Volunteering Organisations (CAVO), that such an opportunity exists for young people to make such important decisions through the ‘Dewis’ youth panel. These decisions have a big impact on the opportunities that support and are open to other young people living in Ceredigion.”

To receive further information on how to become a ‘Dewis’ youth panel member, please contact Gwion Bowen,

For more information or to find out what opportunities are available to you, head over to the Ceredigion Youth Service’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages at @GICeredigionYS or contact the team on