Series of free workshops developing community change-making skills

It’s not just better quality water where Wales largest social enterprise is investing in the community. In partnership with social enterprise Grow Social Capital CIC, Welsh Water is offering anyone wanting to make a difference in their local community the chance to take part in a free workshop programme, called ‘Tummler School’, run over three weeks in May 2022.

Grow Social Capital CIC will be sharing some great ideas to develop your skills in creating the change you want in your world. Welsh Water is also providing some funding to help kickstart your ideas that emerge from the programme which will benefit the local community. Come away with a new toolkit, learn new skills in ways of engaging others, meet new people in your community and come away with a more powerful way ahead for creating an even better Aberystwyth.

The dates are:

Thursday 9th June 18:00 – 19:00

Thursday 16th June 18:00 – 19:00

Thursday 23rd June 18:00 – 19:00

What is Tummler School?

The good news. Aberystwyth has brilliant people, often unsung heroes, doing great things for our community.

The bad news. There isn’t enough of them. And it’s not just in Aberystwyth. It’s a global phenomenon, best summed up by a book by eminent American sociologist Robert Putnam. Called Bowling Alone’ Putnam observed how bowling alley attendances in the United States were going up. Yet playing with others in bowling leagues plummeted. In nearly every aspect of civic and community life people were increasingly ‘bowling alone’ — fewer people doing things together in their communities.

Tummler School is a response to this challenge.

How does it work?

It’s like a school that can help anyone active or would like to do more to help their community. Designed to take up as little time as possible, it consists of a programme of three linked 60-minute online workshops. All supporting the idea how can local people take positive practical small steps, here in Aberystwyth, to support a more vibrant community.

What does the word ‘Tummler’ mean?

It’s a Yiddish word that describes a person who is hired to literally get a party going. We’ve all been to parties where there is music, the dancefloor, the people – but no one is dancing. The Tummler’s role is to spark the party by encouraging, cajoling, nudging people to act together, leaving them when they successfully create their own party. We think it’s a good analogy for doing things in our community, getting people together for a common cause.

What will be the outcomes?

By bringing people like you together, sharing some great ideas to develop your skills for creating change. Welsh Water is also providing some seed funding to help kickstart one of the suggested steps.

Why is Welsh Water running this programme?

Welsh Water is a Not-for-profit company who are investing over £1.8 billion by 2025 to continue to provide a first class water and waste water provision for future generations. In addition to working 24/7 supplying your home with fresh, safe, drinking water and treating your wastewater the company want to share with you their plans on the work taking place in the coming months in Aberystwyth. You’ll see more of its teams working in the area over the next three months installing and refurbishing new water mains as part of a £3.4 million project to invest in a better future.

It’s not just better quality water where Wales largest social enterprise is investing in the community. Working in partnership with social enterprise Grow Social Capital CIC, it is working to build stronger communities.

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