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Engagement is by definition a two-way process, involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit. As a County Voluntary Council we work to promote and share good practice in engagement.


The Role of Community Groups in the Census 2021 \\ Rôl Grwpiau Cymunedol yn y Cyfrifiad 2021

Join us at an online session about the role of community groups in the Census 2021. The session will take place on Friday 22nd January at 10.30-11.30am over Zoom.

Hear from Huw Davies, Census Engagement Manager, about how the Census benefits the third sector, volunteer groups and the wider community. Find out about the role that community leaders will play in the Census 2021 and how communities can get involved. Afterwards there will be a Q&A session with Huw. This event is for both organisations and individuals.

If you are interested in attending, join the event on Eventbrite:

If you have any questions please email

Ymunwch a ni yn sesiwn ar-lein am rôl grwpiau cymunedol yn y Cyfrifiad 2021. Bydd y sesiwn ar ddydd Gwener 22ain Ionawr am 10.30-11.30yb ar Zoom.

Cewch glywed o Huw Davies, Rheolwr Ymgysylltu’r Cyfrifiad, am sut mae’r Cyfrifiad o fudd i’r trydydd sector, grwpiau gwirfoddol a’r gymuned ehangach. Darganfyddwch y rôl fydd arweinwyr cymunedol yn chwarae yn y Cyfrifiad 2021 a sut gall cymunedau gymryd rhan. I’w ddilyn gan sesiwn holi ac ateb gyda Huw. Mae’r digwyddiad hwn ar gyfer sefydliadau ac unigolion

Os oes gennych ddiddordeb, ymunwch â’r digwyddiad ar Eventbrite:

Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau gallwch gysylltu â


Mapping research exercise

The Community Cohesion Team in Mid and South West Wales have identified a need to undertake a community mapping exercise focusing on the impact that Brexit may have upon our communities. Continue reading


What’s new at the Third Sector Data Hub?

If you haven’t seen it, the Third Sector Data Hub – launched back in 2018 – offers the latest statistics and data around third sector income, funding, activities and workforce, as well as information about volunteering demographics. 

It uses our info, as well as that from Welsh Government, NCVO and others, to present to you an attractive, user-friendly experience that allows you to drill down into the data and find out what’s important to you.

And now we’re pleased to bring to you a pretty significant update.

We’re able to present statistical info from the Charity Commission, using data we’ve never had before, which brings a whole lot more detail about the shape of the third sector in Wales. For instance, you can:

·         Find the number of registered charities in Wales

·         See the areas in Wales these charities operate in highlighted on a map

·         Track the types of charities in each area of Wales by number (e.g. Powys has 118 disability charities operating while Merthyr Tydfil has 38; Cardiff has 151 charities whose purpose is to tackle poverty; Blaenau Gwent has 28)

·         See how many registered charities work in both England and Wales

We’ve also been able to update some of our financial data, so now you can see charities’ income per head of population across all the regions of England and Wales, as well as the number of organisations per 1000 population across each region.

The Hub is developed in partnership with Data Cymru, who will be at gofod3 this coming Thursday (21 March) displaying the Hub. Do take a few moments to pop along to their stand and see what it’s all about.

We’re proud of the Data Hub – we think it’s an incredibly useful, versatile tool for funders, decision-makers, the public and, of course, the third sector itself. So why not take a look for yourself?