Penparcau Community Forum

Penparcau Forum signed up for a ‘Trustee Roles & Responsibility session’ as a refresher for their existing trustees and as an introduction for newer trustees. An evening session was arranged, with a CAVO officer, to go through their understanding of what it means to be a trustee, the principles of good governance and the guide ‘The Essential Trustee’. The aim was to give an appreciation of what trustees are liable for and understand how to limit potential risks. An overview of effective trustee recruitment and induction was also included. The session concluded by going through a ‘Health Check’ for the organisation, identifying areas of strength and also other topic areas which they, as a Board of Trustees, believed could be improved upon.

Feedback from the session included “Made me more aware of role of Trustees overall”, “Professionally and confidently given” and “It was well put together, and felt at ease.”

Karen, the Forum’s Manager, said “I as a Manager appreciate all the support the Forum receives especially the training that was tailored to our requirements.”