Volunteering in a Ceredigion Care Home

My Experience at Volunteering in a Ceredigion Care Home

On the 16th May 2019, there was a poster at Rhyd-y-Pennau village hall advertising an open day at Tregerddan Care Home, with a view to a new career. I already had my own small self-employed cleaning business of over 10 years however as I enjoyed the company of my elderly client’s I thought that if I combined my business with working at Tregerddan Care Home it could complement my business. I attended the open day and thought that if I volunteered at the home, it would allow me the opportunity to see if this was the avenue that I wanted to take.

I completed a paper volunteer application form from the care home and was then contacted by Ruth Evans ( from CAVO) via email with all the information I needed to volunteer. Ruth was very friendly and helpful and helped me with all the steps I had to take including completing an online DBS check. 

At the end of May 2019 Ruth arranged to meet me at Tregerddan Care Home to finalise my paper work and to show my ID document’s.

After completing everything, I started volunteering at Tregerddan Care Home on 4th July 2019 for 2 mornings a week at 3 hour each day. I started in the dining hall assisting with breakfasts, then dinners, finding out each resident’s preferences and daily food requirement’s. I would also give companionship to the resident’s while keeping them comfortable and hydrated. I would also assist in the laundry room and would take the tea trolley round the entire home. I would also take meals to individual rooms when needed.

Ruth on a few different occasion’s sent me email’s and she also contacted the home its self to inquire how I was getting on. She also let me know that I could contact her at anytime and that she was always there to help.

On the 10th and 11th of December 2019 I was enrolled on a two day manual handling course near Lampeter accompanied by two other staff member’s. In January 2020 I registered online for job vacancies at the care home as a carer.

I went on an interview for a 24 hour carers job but while I was on the interview I was informed that a 16 hour vacancy had just become available that morning and as we discussed it would suite me better as I was still keeping on my small cleaning business.

I applied again and had another interview this time for the 16 hour vacancy as a carer. 

I was then offered a zero hours contact as a carer at the home.

To date we are in a world wide pandemic due to corona virus. As a result of this I have had to put my job offer of zero hours on hold as some of my client’s come into the vulnerable category and to protect them from the virus my priority is to distance my self from communal situations.

To sum up, I would recommend volunteering as it allows you to grow in confidence in new situations and helps you form friendships with work colleges before you actually work there. 

Also Ceredigion volunteer staff are always there for you throughout your volunteering.