Clore Social Leadership, in partnership with the Wales Co-Operative Centre, is planning to launch a leadership development programme for the Welsh third sector in 2021. This is one of a suite of new generation leadership development programmes offered by Clore Social Leadership.

To maximise the value of the programme, we are carrying out some research that will deliver insights about how to tailor the programme to Wales, both in terms of the particular needs and challenges of its social leaders and the profile of the third sector.

Ultimately, we expect that the programme will serve at least 150 Welsh leaders working in the third sector at various stages of their career; it will be open to leaders in all parts of Wales; it will be conducted fully online and will carry no cost to the participants.

In order to ensure that this can be achieved, Clore Social Leadership have commissioned us, Eva Trier and Meirion Thomas, to gather views and perspectives from leaders in the third sector in Wales themselves. We are therefore doing stakeholder interviews, conducting a survey and holding a series of focus group meetings. Can you help us reach as many leaders from diverse backgrounds as possible?

You could help us by:

Filling out the survey and circulating the survey to leaders you work with: 

Ensuring that leaders you work with can register for the focus groups to provide their views:

Contact us at

If you have any questions about the research, please contact Carrie Cuno ( at Clore Social Leadership.