Clore Social Leadership are bringing their proven methodology of place-based leadership development to Wales with a new programme called Social Leaders Cymru.

Social Leaders Cymru will be developed and delivered in a unique way that capitalises on the specific strengths and characteristics of the Wales social sector. The programme will take place online to increase accessibility to participants across the country, enable peer learning and strengthen networks.

Social Leaders Cymru will bring leaders from across Wales together to support, challenge and learn from one another. The programme will include six learning streams, to ensure tailored leadership development opportunities for leaders of all levels and experiences. All sessions are Free!

The programme learning will be guided by Clore Social Leadership’s Social Capabilites Framework and Leadership Development Model.

Using our Social Capabilities Framework you will be guided to develop inspirational, empowering, courageous, focused, passionate and generous leadership capabilities – qualities essential to any effective leader.

Using our Leadership Development Model, you will learn how and what these skills and behaviours look like in action, where your strengths and areas of improvement lie, and how you can develop and encourage them in yourselves and others.

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