The Wales Resilient Ecological Network (WaREN) project is developing a sustainable approach to tackling invasive species across Wales through collaboration and engagement!

To find out more, including a summary of the WaREN I pilot project, and what’s next for WaREN read their blog or watch their webinar. You can also keep up to date with all of their work through the WaREN webpage!

New Year’s resolution: lets tackle invasive species together!
In 2022, we invite you to make a different resolution and protect biodiversity in Wales by helping tackle invasive species. We would like to propose two New Year’s resolutions for you to consider and share with people you know:
• I will help tackle invasive species in Wales.
• I will be more biosecurity conscious.
These resolutions can be easily attained by spreading the word about invasive species, helping out a Local Action Group dealing with invasive species, and performing routine cleaning of footwear and equipment during your everyday outdoor activities. Please see our blog for more details.

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