About Us

About Us

CAVO promotes, supports and empowers voluntary community action in Ceredigion.

Since 1997, the CAVO Team have promoted and supported volunteers and voluntary community action in Ceredigion – from finding volunteers their perfect role to giving grants for community projects, the CAVO Team are here to help.

As Ceredigion’s County Voluntary Council and a Third Sector Support Wales partner, CAVO work across the following four key pillars of activity in supporting the third sector and volunteers, and in our work with key statutory partners;


Good Governance

Sustainable Funding

Engagement and Influence

We can support you to develop your group and projects and help you recruit new volunteers.  We’ll also keep you informed of what’s happening in Ceredigion and beyond!

Support us by sharing your successes and challenges so we can best represent the sector and champion what you’re achieving.

Our Cynnig Cymraeg – Welsh Offer


  1. If you call us or write to us in Welsh, we will deal with your enquiry in Welsh. If the staff member does not speak Welsh, they offer to transfer the call to a Welsh speaker when possible.
  2. You can read all our marketing material for projects in Welsh as it is produced bilingually.
  3. You can look at our website and contact us on social media in Welsh as our website is bilingual and our content on social media is posted bilingually
  4. You are welcome to contribute in Welsh at our events, we will deliver our activities in ways that encourage the use of Welsh language.
  5. We are very proud that we have a number of staff, volunteers and trustees with Welsh language skills and we encourage staff, volunteers and trustees to show the public who speaks Welsh with Iaith Gwaith resources.