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Room hire

RoomMembers MembersNon-members Non-members
 Half dayFull dayHalf dayFull day
 9.30- 12.309.30 – 4.309.30- 12.309.30 – 4.30
 1.30 – 4.30 1.30 – 4.30 
Monday – ThursdayMonday – ThursdayMonday – ThursdayMonday – Thursday
 Meeting Room
(max 4 people)
Training room
(max 10 people)
Hot deskingFor a quote, contact CAVO   

Please note – booking fees are subject to a cancellation fee as per confirmation letter

Building is fully accessible
•    The price of room hire above includes free limited car parking and free Wi-Fi
•    Free projector and screen in the training room price

If you require a space for a meeting we have an hourly rate on a room only basis. The rate is £6 per hour for all third sector organisations; £12 per hour for all others for a maximum of 2 hours

CAVO Meeting Room

CAVO Hot Desking Room

CAVO training room

Ample Car Parking 

To enquire about any of the services above please contact CAVO on 01570 423 232 or email