The Charity Commission’s new My Charity Commission Account service will go live on 31st July, the regulator has confirmed.

The new service, which most charities have now been invited to sign up for, will be available at the end of this month.

The regulator has described My Charity Commission Account as charities’ ‘front door’ into the Commission, through which they will submit any remaining Annual Returns for 2022 and all Annual Returns for 2023 onwards, and engage with the regulator’s wider digital services.

Access to existing digital service will cease

From the launch of My Charity Commission Account, Charities will no longer be able to file annual returns through the existing system. From 31st July, all online services will be accessible with a My Charity Commission Account log-in.

Charities that are part-way through filing their 2022 Annual Return in the current system have been advised directly that they have until the 28th July to complete the process. Those that do not submit their annual return by the end of July will need to start again via My Charity Commission Account after the change over.

The Annual Return for 2023 will be launched in late August via My Charity Commission Account.

This is a significant change. The regulator is making preparations for any disruption that trustees may experience during the transition, including making additional staff available in its Contact Centre.

Moving towards a new relationship with trustees

The roll-out of the new service has begun with charities’ named contacts, ensuring that all charities are able to access the Commission’s digital services, including to file their Annual Returns.

In the months ahead, the service will be extended to all individual trustees. This will facilitate a more direct relationship between the regulator and trustees, helping to ensure they are supported in their role and equipped to run their charities well.

This new approach also ensures better data security.

Nick Baker, the Commission’s Chief Operating Officer said:

There is a lot of work still for us to do before we meet our long term ambition for a new, direct form of online communication between the Commission and each and every charity trustee. But the end of this month marks an important milestone in the development of My Charity Commission Account, enabling charities to access the new service for the first time. I call on all charities to act quickly when they receive an onboarding invitation from the Commission.

Those charities that have not yet been invited to sign up for account will hear from the Commission once the service is live. The Commission has prepared guidance to help contacts set up their My Charity Commission Account.