From the Ceredigion Local Nature Partnership Coordinator at Ceredigion County Council

Ymddiheuriadau, fersiwn Gymraeg ddim ar gael eto.

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Welsh Government has announced additional funding to support Coastal Capacity Building in Wales in 2022-23. In addition to the annual allocation for each LNP, a Challenge Fund worth £800k for revenue projects has been announced. The Coastal Capacity Building Challenge Fund will enable Local Nature Partnerships to enhance human and social capital, enable grass-roots investment to coastal communities and increase public understanding of the marine environment and the challenges/pressures it faces. The Fund is for revenue projects that must complete by 31 March 2023.

More details below and in the attached documents.

All applications will be put forward through the LNP Coordinator.  If you have a project idea which you’d like me to put forward, please contact by Tuesday 3rd January 2023.

Who can apply?

The Fund will be distributed through Local Nature Partnerships. Collaboration with existing members or new partners is invited and encouraged; however there will need to be a lead applicant for any partnership application and it is expected that this will be the body that hosts the LNP Co-ordinator.

What sort of projects are eligible?

The existing LPfN guidance applies to the Challenge Fund.  All Challenge Fund projects must be focussed on the key objectives of nature recovery and sustainable growth.

The Challenge Fund is looking for projects that will produce essential outcomes in order to achieve the key objectives.  They should evidence enhanced human and social capital by way of greater skills and capability within coastal communities, enabling organisations to work together and develop projects; improve sustainability and financial resilience of grass-roots organisations within coastal communities and local business sectors such as the fishing and aquaculture industries; and develop a stronger evidence base and through this better understanding of the marine environment and the challenges/pressure it faces. We are looking for innovation, creativity and new ideas. Applications may include (but not limited to):

  • supporting nature’s recovery through better protecting and enhancing the marine / coastal environment
  • engaging with local coastal communities to promote local produce and support sustainable purchasing and eating practices
  • supporting blue carbon activity or research to conserve, restore and manage coastal ecosystems
  • working with fishing and shellfish industries to change practices to support and protect biodiversity
  • identifying or creating opportunities to boost the economy e.g. through interpretation of the local fishing industry; it’s importance for nature and its heritage.

LNPs may also come together to deliver the same measure collaboratively in multiple places, so benefiting from economies of scale and pooling expertise

What can the money be spent on?

This is a revenue grant fund and provides capacity to build on existing collaborations, engage communities, businesses and institutions such as local authorities and other public bodies, to support future partnership approaches.  The standard eligible activities for revenue funding are to be adhered to, such as staff costs, accommodation, consumables, tools and IT items directly required to undertake activities, venue hire, catering, publicity, communications, research, professional services, feasibility, economic, environmental and other technical studies and reports. 


The anticipated deadline for applications is: 5 January 2023.

These will be assessed by an independent panel coordinated by WCVA and successful applicants will be notified by 16 January 2023.

All applications will be put forward through the LNP Coordinator.  If you have a project idea which you’d like me to put forward, please contact by Tuesday 3rd January 2023.