Think carefully about which form of meeting best serves the interests of your charity.

Your charity must act within the rules of its governing document. If you wish to hold a meeting remotely, or on a hybrid basis (with some participants remote and some in person), make sure the provisions in your governing document about meetings do not prohibit this. Given changes in how people and charities work including those driven by the Covid pandemic, consider whether any provisions need amending for online, telephone or hybrid meetings.

You can find more detailed information about including specific provisions in your governing document on holding online, telephone or hybrid meetings in our guidance on charities and meetings.

You may need to hold an in-person meeting to make these changes.

If your charity is a charitable company, you must also ensure you meet the requirements under the Companies Act 2006.

See further, more detailed, guidance on alterations to governing documents for unincorporated charities and charitable companies and governing document guidance for CIOs. When making changes to your governing document check this guidance to see which documents you need to send to the Commission and, for charitable companies, to Companies House..

It is important that remote and hybrid meetings are conducted effectively, with accountability and integrity. The Chartered Governance Institute has produced guidance for companies on good practice for virtual board and committee meetings. Charities which are not companies may also find this guidance useful as similar principles apply. The commission recommends you have at least one face-to-face meeting of all the trustees each year