From April 2024 the new Workplace Recycling Regulations come into force. 

Subsequently, as from April 2024 the Council will be implementing changes to the trade waste service.  Please see the attached leaflet which explains how the Council’s service will be changing and what bags/tags/bins will need to be purchased.  We do not currently have any prices for this service.  Please note that we will no longer be using the lilac recycling bags from April or the blue bags we currently use for Chargeable Domestic Waste.  The colour branding for the residual waste tags is currently under review.

We will be sending out renewal waste transfer note forms and information for 2024/25 in due course.  This information will include the terms and conditions and the costs of the bags/tags/bins.

As from Monday 5 February 2024, you will only be able to purchase enough bags/tags for your waste disposal requirements up to the beginning of April, when the new service will become operational.

If you have unused bags/tags, which you purchased during the 2023/2024 service year, you will be able to request a refund and the bags/tags will be collected.