Have your say on the future of Wales’s natural environment

With the world experiencing a climate and a nature emergency, we urgently need a national conversation about the future of our natural resources, and to do something about it, before it’s too late.

Nature and Us aims to get everyone in Wales thinking and talking about the future we want for our natural environment, and what we can all do to protect it. Nature and Us provides an opportunity for everyone in Wales to have their say on the future of our natural environment. What needs to change about the way we live our lives – especially the food we grow and eat, the way we travel and how we generate and use energy? How can we help reduce the effects of climate change and reverse biodiversity loss?

Nature and Us wants practical ideas for governments, organisations and individuals to focus on, so we can all work towards sustainability together. The national conversation will examine our relationship with nature and our food, energy and travel systems – and explore how they all affect climate change and the natural environment. Nature and Us is an opportunity to share your thoughts today and help decide what path Wales takes towards a more sustainable future. Have your say today at www.natureandus.wales