Since launching in November 2020, Tempo Time Credits Cymru is growing across Wales.

Funded by the Welsh Government, this new and exciting programme aims to tackle poverty and the effects of loneliness and isolation by working in partnership with the CVCs and we aim to use Tempo Time Credits to mobilise coproduction in communities across Wales.

Volunteers who give their time to organisations that are members of Tempo Time Credits receive Tempo Time Credits.

Once the Time Credits are transferred to the volunteer’s account, they can choose where to use them at any one of the wide range of activities or resources that we have in our Recognition Partner network.

Including attractions such as The Royal Mint, Plantasia and Cadw Castles as well as many online and national offers and we also have a range of local partners where you can use your Time Credits.

To join our network and start your Tempo Time Credits journey, sign up here:

Group Application Form (   or for more information, email